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Freelance Friday #6.5 - Pain and Suffering and Also Pain

“I didn’t miss a week what are you talking about” edition.

The heat has not let up and as a result I’ve spent most of my time either melting or recovering from melting.

I haven’t had much energy to work on anything, and also being so exhausted and sweaty all the time serves as a pretty effective damper on your general mood and creativity.

Instead of a normal blog, this is an announcement I’m going to be making some (hopefully temporary) changes to the structure here.

Moving The Day

Friday has been a really awkward day to make for writing these.

I get most of my work on this done on weekends, I work a full time job so naturally that just ends up being when I have the most free time.

Going forward I’m moving to Tuesday.

Why Tuesday?

I’ll be able to get work done on the game over the weekends, and then write the devblog while screwing around at work on Monday.

Pace Change

I’ve also just been fucking exhausted from the heat. Normally I would get a bit of work done after work but haven’t had the energy to do so, and also have needed an extra day on the weekend just to not feel like I’m half falling asleep.

At least until it stops being over 100 degrees and humid, going to be putting a blog up every other week.

The main reason I started this devblog instead of keeping quiet until I was more ready was for my own motivation and it’s stressing me out more than it’s motivating me at this point. I still want to have some regular status check in for my own sake but this will hopefully be more managable with my current schedule.


In summary: Moving devlogs from Friday to Tuesday, and doing them every other week until the heat lets up a bit.

This will come into effect NEXT week, so the first of the new format should be next tuesday.

I apoligize if this is disappointing after the recent non-updates, been pretty out of it as a result of the heat.